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Children's instruments take the joy of music to a new level! Discover the wide range of Simba products and find out what makes our high-quality musical toys stand out by reading on here.


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My Music World Girls Shining Micro


My Music World Girls Shining Micro



Become a star with the My Music World shining microphone. The microphone has fantastic light effects and can play back 3 rhythms and 4 demo songs. The microphone measures 20cm tall and is suitable for children aged 3 years and over. 2x 1.5V LR6 battery included in the set.

My Music World Harmonica


My Music World Harmonica



Develop your child's musical talents with the metal 16-hole mouth organ. The mouth organ is a popular instrument, but it does take a bit of practice to get the hang of it. Suitable for children aged 4 years and over.

My Music World Keyboard Modern Style


My Music World Keyboard Modern Style



This modern-looking keyboard is 54cm long and has 37 keys. It has 8 rhythms, 8 demo songs, a record and playback function and volume control Suitable for children aged 3 years and over. Batteries are included.

My Music World Funny Keyboard


My Music World Funny Keyboard



My Music World Girls Rock Guitar


My Music World Girls Rock Guitar



This My Music World girls rock guitar is just the thing for young rock chicks. With its 6 metal strings, it is perfect for rocking out and making music. The My Music World girls rock guitar is 56 cm long and suitable for children aged 4 and over. 2 x 1.5V LR06 batteries are included in the set.

My Music World Girls Standing Keyboard


My Music World Girls Standing Keyboard



Little girls can show off their talent with the pink My Music World Girls keyboard. The keyboard has lots of functions that are sure to provide lots of fun and fabulous music. The keys can be played along to the rhythms and tunes. and used to reproduce lots of different instruments to compose unique songs. The record and playback function can be used to record the music and then play it back to your fans. The My Music World Keyboard has an on/off switch, volume adjustment, animal noises, fantastic light effects and a real microphone. It has 31 keys, is coloured various shades of pink and stands 55cm high. The stool is 23cm high. Suitable for children aged 3 and over. 3x 1.5V LR6 batteries required. Not included.

My Music World Keyboard


My Music World Keyboard



The keyboard is perfect for beginners. It has 32 keys, 15 demo songs, 8 rhythms and 4 drum sounds. Suitable for children aged 3 years and over.

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Attractive music toys from Simba – playfully explore the world of tones and sounds

Music has a firm place in the everyday lives of many adults, can influence moods and make many a tedious task a little easier. And many children also react positively to music long before they can speak. They bob to the beat of the sounds, try humming, and develop preferences for certain songs and melodies. Music toys from Simba pick up on this interest and enable children to try their hand at making music themselves. With our toy instruments, kids can explore the wonderful world of tones and sounds, training valuable skills through play.

What are the advantages of playing with toy instruments?

Toy instruments open the door to musical adventures, promote important skills along the way, and have a positive effect on numerous levels:

Music as relaxation for the children

You may know the following from your experience: You are angry, sad, or tense, play your favourite song or maybe hit the keys of an instrument yourself, and instantly it is easy for you to relax. Music can be a valuable source of relaxation –  especially for children.

Expressing feelings through music

Music is also an excellent tool that helps to express and process one's own feelings. Children's instruments therefore support your child in dealing with their emotions and getting to the bottom of them in a child-friendly way.

Promoting the development of children with music

Playing with music toys is both fun and educational. Among other things, toy instruments offer the ideal opportunity to teach your child about sheet music. When playing together with other little musicians, your child learns to agree, communicate intelligibly and find compromises, while making music independently trains his or her ability to keep busy on their own.

Motor skills

Working with toy instruments stimulates their motor skills to a particularly high degree. It doesn't matter whether keys are pressed or strings plucked: The “right” tones can only be produced with fine motor skills and a good portion of coordination.

Sensory training

Of course, music toys can also be used to train the senses. Your child learns to distinguish sounds from each other, gets a better sense of volume and pitch or depth of the sounds, and can thus refine its hearing in a child-friendly way.

Which music toy is suitable for which age?

Most music toys are suitable for children from the age of three. At this age, children are on average able to understand how the toy instruments work and thus use them sensibly. Of course, there are also some products that are already suitable for toddlers. There are also musical instruments for children that are better suited to young musicians of a slightly more advanced age. At this point, we would like to explain the age recommendation of Simba musical instruments using two examples:

MMW Funny Keyboard from 3

The MMW Funny Keyboard has 32 keys and immediately impresses with its cheerful design. The large, limited number of keys makes it easier to find the “right” notes, which is why the children's keyboard can be operated by kids as young as three years old. The highlights of the product are the four callable funny tones, including burping and laughing, which lighten up the composing, as well as the six ready-made rhythms. 

My Music World Girls Rock Guitar from 4

56 cm long, equipped with six metal strings and wonderfully pink: the MMW Girls Rock Guitar is a real eye-catcher. Decorated with many lovely details, such as clefs and notes, the bright pink children's guitar is the perfect instrument for rock stars-to-be. Since safely grasping the strings is quite demanding on fine motor skills, we recommend this musical toy for kids who are at least four years old.

What criteria should you look for when buying musical instruments for children?

When choosing a musical instrument for children, you should essentially consider these criteria:

Product quality

Product quality has top priority. Choose a music toy made of high-quality materials that have been cleanly processed. If these points are met, you can assume that the musical instrument for children will have a certain longevity.


Toy instruments should – as goes without saying – be safe to use. This also means that the children's guitar or keyboard should be free of sharp edges, pointed corners and other design elements that pose a high risk of injury.

Design & material

In addition to the safety aspect, you should also pay attention to the ergonomics of the design. In other words, the toy instrument should be as comfortable as possible for small children's hands to operate. Additionally, there is, of course, the visual aspect, which your child should like in terms of colour and design. Ideally, the children's instrument you choose should be made of materials that are quite robust and can withstand the odd wild jam session.

Operating mode

Find out where the musical instrument for children gets its power from. Some products have batteries or rechargeable batteries, others need to be connected to the power supply by cable. 

More specific functions

In addition, take a look at the special functions of the products. For example, do they come with special sound effects, can they play pre-made rhythms or do they have a recording feature?

The Simba musical instruments for children – discover our range

Highest quality, a considerable selection and well-thought-out designs: Simba musical instruments have everything that distinguishes excellent musical toys. In our assortment, you can discover music toys in the following diverse categories:


A children's keyboard from Simba is a wonderful musical toy for children aged three and up and invites them to make music. Thanks to different designs, you have the opportunity to find a piano for children that fits your ideas exactly.


Our toy guitars are exceptional tools for promoting fine motor skills and promise enormous fun. This way you can combine playing and learning in a child-friendly way.


Of course, our large product range also includes wind instruments. How about the MMW harmonica, for example? The 16-voice musical toy is designed for kids from the age of four and is the perfect product for starting a “composer's career”.


Our toy microphones show that you don't necessarily need an instrument to make music. With a children's microphone, your child will become a celebrated singer – “pop star feeling” included!

Conclusion: music toys from Simba – the right instrument for every child

Whether for relaxation, to promote certain skills or simply for fun: playing with children's instruments is an inspiring activity that brings a lot of joy alone and together with other kids. Simba musical instruments for children score points with top quality, maximum product safety, cheerful designs and a selection that is second to none. Ready to show your child the big, creative world of music?

Want more inspiration? At Simba, you can find numerous other products for children of different ages. Visit our homepage and browse through role-playing toys, construction toys, children's games and all kinds of other product categories – have fun!